Owners of Locations, Properties, Items and Houses are Easy to Work With

Owners of the places found in a location library are very welcoming of the space. Some owners will even pack up and leave for a few days and leave to give you even more space during your film shooting so that you’ll feel more comfortable while being creative. When the paperwork has been finalized and compensation has been made, the owner’s home or property becomes “ready for production” as per the details in the contract until the shooting has ended.

To find the best locations you have to go where they’re actually located. Many are in the beautiful Miami, South Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Design District, South Florida, Florida, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Pinecrest, Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay areas. Don’t be surprised if you book a location that someone is already shooting at, it happens quite often so you’ll have to wait your turn. Lucky for you the choices are unlimited.

If you’re looking for a location library, location scout, location scouting services, or location scouting supervision in Miami Florida, Pinecrest, South Miami, Miami Beach, the Florida Keys, Design District, Downtown Miami, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Kendall, The Bahamas The Palm Beaches and throughout South Florida please contact us so we can find your next location today.