Celebrities Visit Miami Regularly For Work and Play

Diddy visits Miami on the regular for partying and work related matters. A few of Diddys commercials for his “Ciroc” drink were shot in Miami. There are behind the scenes videos available of the commercial shoots on YouTube and other websites. It’s almost instant being able to tell if a commercial, fashion shoot, or film were shot in Miami especially if you’ve been a frequent visitor or lived there.

A majority of the hottest TV shows were set or shot there including CSI Miami, Dexter, Burn Notice, Miami Vice, Bad Girls Club Miami, Charlie’s Angels, Eve, The Golden Girls, Law and Order, Silk Stalking, The Real Housewives of Miami, The X Effect, The Real World Miami, and the First 48 to name a few.

Miami is also the place where some of the biggest box office movies were set and shot. Those would include Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Cocaine Cowboys, Goldfinger, Out of Sight, Scarface, and The Bodyguard. So you see even if the producers aren’t really traveling to Miami to shoot films they’re going out of their way to create sets that would make everyone think they are.

Let’s not forget that Miami is also the leading production place for Latin Television and Film. The Film, Still Shooting, Commercial, Television, and Music and media industry racks up over 2 billion annually in Miami. Miami has so much to offer everyone and the population experiences tremendous growth each year. Miami is the perfect place for any field of work, to raise a family, attend school, become a model or actress, and overall shine.