Finding the Right Location Is Essential For Filming and Movie Scenes

As a filmmaker or scriptwriter it’s a well known fact that finding the right shooting location is essential for movie scenes. If finding the right location was of less importance in producing a great movie for the audiences viewing pleasure then everyone could do this job.

Filmmakers and casting directors have the hardest roles to take on in creating that next blockbuster movie. They have to use the script to produce exactly what’s written, down to the last small detail capturing the scriptwriter’s vision on film. Casting directors after going over the script numerous times have the job of picking the right actors, actresses, and extras. Sometimes they can narrow the right choices of people to play roles quickly. Other times it can take many months of auditioning people before they find the perfect fits to bring the characters in the script to life

Filmmakers, which are the movie production team, have to do extensive location scouting to match the places within the script correctly. It’s often hard to find the right places to shoot a scene if the scene calls for something out of the ordinary. Production companies like “Warner Bros” that are able to afford set builders have no trouble at all creating perfect scenes to fit scripts but until you get to that level there’s going to be a lot of work and a short amount of time to get it done.

A passionate love scene between an upper class rich couple meant to happen inside the bedroom of a mansion or 5 star hotels couldn’t very well be shot at a children’s birthday party or in a junk filled garage. That would throw the entire movie off track and be very confusing. A documentary about choosing the right college couldn’t show the principal of one of the top school speaking to parents on how choosing their school would be more beneficial to the students or how it’s such a safe environment if he’s being filmed in a room surrounded by graffiti and trash.

Location scouting can be an around the clock job. If you’re location scouting for your film you’ll be checking out many things besides just the location. You might try visiting several locations you’ve narrowed down both day and night. Many shooting locations intended for night scenes might not give the effect you think they would if you visited them only in the day. The reason behind that could be the lighting, the surroundings, even the colors of rooms and other things that might not have been much noticeable during your first daytime or night time visit.

The movie “The Color Purple” directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey was filmed in two counties in North Carolina. The script, scenery, and cast were absolutely amazing. If you have seen the movie then you know the story behind it. Do you think the movie would have prospered much even with keeping the same cast if it were filmed in a place like Beverly Hills? Had the movie been filmed in a Beverly Hills’ setting it would not have been believable. Now you’ve gotten a really good understanding of why finding the right location is essential for filming and movie scenes. In case you’re location scouting check out the Miami, South Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Design District, South Florida, Florida, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Pinecrest, Miami Beach, Palmetto Bay areas, they have much to offer.

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