Have You Gotten the Permits, Contracts, and All Other Paperwork Finalized?

Speaking of permits, when securing a location all the paperwork must be signed and ready to hand over when requested. This will prevent problems when arriving at a location to shoot on a specific day only to find that the owner has tried to renege on a deal because you don’t have the official paperwork and he/she probably wants to cash in a bit more.Film locations can be tricky because one day they might be the perfect locations and the next day you could show up with the entire crew and cast to find that everything has changed and it’s not so perfect anymore. When securing contracts and other paperwork after finding the perfect location during location scouting make sure it’s also in fine print throughout the contract that none of the setting will have changed before the day of the shoot. Also consider hiring a cleanup crew to leave shooting locations exactly the way you found them. Now if you’re still having trouble doing your own location scouting you could find a beautiful house for photo shoots or various houses used for movies right in the Miami , South Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Design District, South Florida, Florida, Florida Keys, Caribbean, Pinecrest, Miami Beach, and Palmetto Bay Areas.

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