Location Scouting Tips

In the world of entertainment, modeling and film production, besides a nice size budget one of the most important things will always be choosing the right locations. Some locations used for fashion shoots, commercial shoots, and even movie shoots have been responsible for a projects turnout whether good or bad. The right locations give people something more to talk about than just the main model on a magazine cover or cast members in the movies or commercials. How does one decide the right film, fashion, commercial and photo shoot locations for any particular project? By being creative and brainstorming a bit.

First, it’s not just going to be you deciding the location or at least it shouldn’t. Location scouting is something that should involve the director, assistant directors, sound crew, production and location management, cinematographer and all the big guns as they’re called which is everyone involved in making the project successful. Although it may be difficult to have everyone check out specific locations at the same time, they can give their perspectives based on the feedback received from everyone else that’s able to do location scouting.

Take Into Consideration, the Films Budget

One of the very first things to consider during location scouting is the shoots budget. No matter what type of shoot you’re doing there should be a set budget. What happens when you’ve found the perfect location to shoot a scene but have also found that it’s unaffordable and the owner isn’t willing to negotiate a lower rental price? I’ll tell you what happens, everyone is meant with disappointment because missing that one scene that could have been perfect might be responsible for throwing the entire movie, video, or commercial off track.

Is the Shooting Environment One that Will Present Less Problems?

Other things to consider are the environments you choose for film locations. You’ll want to eliminate sound problems before you even start the shooting. Are there really loud, rude, disrespectful people in the area or place where you’ve chosen to shoot? It can sometimes be hard to shoot a great scene when there’s lots of noise that’s not in the movie script such as noise from loud radios, airplanes taking off or landing nearby, areas where there’s lots of partying going on, construction sites, and even busy streets like expressways nearby.

Will There Be Enough Power Or Will the Whole Neighborhood Experience a Blackout?

Does your film crew have a generator? If not, you all might consider investing in one because in many filming locations power might be a bug issue. Many film locations such as houses and apartment buildings can’t handle much power and are quick to blow breakers causing the production crew to lose valuable shoot time and money.

Logistics should be another thing heavy on the mind. Have you given thought when you’ve found the perfect filming location to shoot as to where the crew, cast, or even the equipment vehicles are going to be parking? There will be lots of heavy equipment and things to lug around during filming of anything and you’re not going to be able to block main streets or even neighborhood streets unless of course you’ve gotten permits for that as well.

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